Cork with Removable Adhesive

Made from harvested Cork Oak Trees that makes it very exciting and very natural product to use.

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Glass Separator Cork w/Static Back Pads

Our pads make it a lot easy to ship products, as these are static foam pads. All you have to do is to peel it off and stick

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neo rebond

Neo Rebond w/Removable Adhesive Pads

Excellent for separating, protecting, and stacking products.


White Poly Foam Adhesive Backed Separator Pads

Easy to protect vinyl and aluminum windows from scratching.


Personal Protection Products (PPE)

Durable and easy-to-clean, both face shields and Ear Savers can be worn in virtually any environment.


Clear Plastic Setting Blocks

Clear Plastic Setting Blocks are specifically designed for use where black thermoplastic or neoprene rubber setting blocks are undesirable, such as mirror or all-glass frameless shower door installations.

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Adhesive Backed Cork Circles

Aggressive adhesive creates a permanent bond to a variety of coaster or trivet substrates such as ceramic, stone, slate, stainless steel, wood, powder-coated aluminum, etc.


Cork Tiles, w/Radius Corners

 Final product supplied either kiss cut on rolls for quick and easy application in your manufacturing/ assembly process or bulk pack for easy distribution 

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Self-Adhesive Cork Tiles w/Square Corners

Whole Cork are Self-stick backing adhesive that creates a permanent bond with ceramic and stone tiles, slate, stainless steel, wood and powder coated aluminum

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